Step - 2015


Artist: Alex Kosyak


    Step - 2015


    Alex Kosyak


    My name is Alex Kosyak.

    I was born in 1984 in a small and very old town Romny in Ukraine.

    From 2002 till 2008 studied in  "Odessa National Maritime Academy". Master degree in Navigation. Since that time i live in Odessa city, Ukraine and work in the renewable energy industry worldwide.

    It should be noted that photography is not my main occupation.

    At some point, I made a conscious decision to leave the art of photography only as my passion, so as not to burden it with routine and not to lose the feeling of freedom of creation.

    Before i`ve became interested in photography, my attention was drawn to the works of 20th century surrealists, especially  Salvador Dali,  which definitely had some influence on my perception of the visual arts in general and photography in particular.

    The first steps in photography were made in 2005, when i`ve bought my first photocamera.

    At the time, it was just a study of how the camera works (it was the beginning of the era of digital photography) and basic mechanics. And only a few years later, thanks to one book, my attitude to the photography became meaningful and complex.

    Since then I am engaged in self-education (books, lectures, etc.) and exploring in the field of photography art and the history of photography.



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