Solitude 16

Solitude 16

“Solitude 16” ; Medium: digital illustration/photography.


Artist: Sharon Klausner


    Sharon Klausner


    My name is Sharon Klausner, I was born in 2002, living in Haifa, Israel.

    Learned in art schools since 6th grade, earned Certificate of Excellence in my class, I knew I wanted to pursue art even after graduation.

    In my works, I mainly explore the female body (in its differences) and how it’s perceived in our society- desired but shamed. How a woman is treated as a sexual object, with men trying to get to see in nude, but as soon as she shows her body- she is shammed.

    How in one environment (like the beach, the bedroom, porn sites and etc) it’s desired for a woman to show her body, but in another, if she wear short clothes and etc- she is shamed.

    The artworks test the body in relation to the environment, and the feeling of solitude.


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