Sofia Zolezzi

Sofia Zolezzi


    Sofia Zolezzi

    Sofía Zolezzi is a self-taught artist from Chile. In 2002, when she
    was 15 years old she learned classic oil painting at the
    Fine-Art-School in Valparaíso, Chile. In 2004 Sofía won a regional
    “Young Artist Award”, obtaining the 1st and 3rd place in the same
    event. As being part of an art-influenced family she has been learning
    and having art experiences since she was 8 years old.

    Today she is a full time Visual Artist but her background as a
    professional Product-Design Engineer has directly influenced her
    artistic approach from design; from a systematic creative process,
    research and development of innovative proposals. Sofia’s abstract art
    focuses on “lines” as the main element of study to communicate through
    a gestural expression.

    Her recent artworks are a result of variations in the characteristics
    of a “line”, to express different emotions. Changes in movement,
    speed, opacity, curvature and also the way lines overlap each other.
    There is a visual path which the observer can follow, where different
    emotions are emerging through those line-variations and, as a whole,
    are trying to reach and express balance.

    Zolezzi has recently collaborated with international galleries as Van
    Gogh Art Gallery from Spain in “ART-Innsbruck” 2020, Austria. And she
    will be part of “World-Art Dubai” in October with SouthTrip Art
    Gallery representing contemporary Latin-American art.



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