Snježana Boyd - Žana

Snježana Boyd - Žana

Snježana Boyd - Žana


    Snježana Boyd - Žana


    Snježana Boyd – Žana lives in Opatija (Croatia). She is the fourth generation of self-taught painters Raised in a family of artists and painters, in early childhood she was drawing, painting, and playing the piano. Under the influence of her father, she enthusiastically practiced various painting techniques throughout her childhood. Her mature years brought her back to drawing and painting. After a year of creating she had her first solo exhibition, opened a gallery-atelier, debuted at the International art competition in Croatia, and received 1st prize in the General group. After that, her painting career continues dizzyingly. Her works are located in many private collections in Croatia and abroad.


    Solo exhibitions:

    2017, Association Dea Modis, Rijeka

    2018, Gallery Zana, Opatija

    2019. Library Podsused, Zagreb

    2019, Gallery Boyd, Opatija


    Group exhibitions:

    Over twenty group exhibitions in:

    Croatia (galleries, libraries, and other indoor and outdoor spaces), Slovenia and Switzerland (galleries), and the USA (online galleries).



    2017, Novi List, Rijeka, daily newspaper - interview

    2019, Zapresicki Spigl, Zapresic, A Journal for the Promotion of Urban Culture, Sports and the Economy - interview

    2019, Academy of Art Zagreb, Croatian web site for art and all other news and cooperation platform – about the exhibitor art and all other news and cooperation platform

    2019, Opatijski list, Opatija, Monthly journal - interview

    2019, TV Zapad, Zapresic, reportage/interview

    2019, TV Kanal, Rijeka, reportage/interview



    2017. First price in the General Group

    32. International competition of fine artists Mandrach 2017, Croatia;

    • "Juror's Choice" Award

    International online juried group art exhibition "Open September 2020" Gallery Ring, USA;

    • Special recognition

    ​International online juried group art exhibition, 10th Annual “Landscapes” Online Art, Light Space & Time Gallery, USA.





    As a lover of lifelong learning (psychology, medicine, philosophy, astrology, quantum physics…) I transmit thoughts and observations to my work as a positive answer on human behaviors, feelings, needs, curiosity, and intelligence of the Universe. The spiritual aspect of my being is looking for many answers to the complexity and connection of Human beings and the Universe.

    I feel the ART as an expression on the wings of freedom. When I am painting or drawing I am floating between my inner-self and the Universe. Through my painting, I want to send positive vibrations. I want people to stop for a moment, take a breath, and discover the beauty within themselves and all around them. In painting, I find my life purpose. In the glow of the observer's eye, I find fulfillment.

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