Slave to Vice

Slave to Vice

Title: Slave to Vice

Artist: Miles Davis, Massive Burn Studios

Year of Completion: 2016

Medium: Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 24” x 48”


Artist: Miles Davis


    Miles Davis


    The fine art of Miles Davis explores the crossroads of modern spirituality and science and seeks to examine those complexities in an honest way. Inspired by the evolving relationship between personal and cultural identity, he uses crisp illustrative aesthetics and dramatic symbolism to engage the viewer’s sensibilities to the human condition.


    Miles utilizes a relatively loose and organic process to evoke an ethereal resonance aiming to relate to even the most artistically uninitiated. Striving for a unique accessibility, Miles endeavors to bypass perceived elitist tendencies and create work that speaks to everyone despite their art education.


    Since graduating from Auburn University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in fine art, the artwork of Miles Davis has been embraced by thousands of people, worldwide. His paintings are included in corporate and private collections throughout the United States. He has worked with gold selling recording artists, such as Sevendust, and is consistently doing commission work. Amid exhibiting in various shops, galleries, and expos, Miles also teaches art classes and private lessons to children and adults and is creator of the children’s book series Butterpup & friends. Miles resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Merissa and their instapup Pica.

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