Sitting on the Walls That Define Us

Sitting on the Walls That Define Us

Sitting on the Walls That Define Us


Artist: Kasey Simmons


    Sitting on the Walls That Define Us


    Kasey Simmons


    Kasey Simmons (1992) is a kindergarten teacher and a self-taught artist hailing from North Carolina. She has always been passionate about art and though she never had an academic formation in arts that did not stop her.

As she says, she has drawn and doodled since a young age, so much she now has several journals full of art. That surely helped her improve her drawing skills. She likes to experiment with various mediums and sometimes she checks out art tutorial on YouTube.

     Old, dear pencil and paper is probably her favourite medium but she recently got into digital using an iPad and she absolutely loved it.

    To the point now she dedicates most of her art time to create digital, customized portrait. She even opened an online shop for them.

    But art is a part of her job as a teacher too. With students so young, using a visual medium can be extremely helpful. Not only it can aid expressing concept better though schemes and images, but it also makes the learning space more colourful entertaining.

Most important, art is a way for children to better express their emotions.



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