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    I am Sindhuja Galipalli, an Emerging Artist. Born in India (1989). I am a pharmacist by profession, but I made my way into art from a very young age. In India I participated in various art competitions highlighting uniquely at the same time showed my work in different samples in my native country

    As I focused my energy on art, I desire to create unique work that gets due recognition. I have a range of original ideas, theories and fascinations which I aim to bring to life thorough my art

    Currently I focuses my technique on acrylics and oil paintings, but this does not limit me in the constant search to experiment with various techniques within art.

    Presently in live and works in Dubai, in my small artistic laboratory I make pieces of unusual combinations where my fingers can create different works, some abstracts and other figurative.

    Representations: IAVA (international Association of Visual Arts, Emergingartistplatform, Artreprener

    Key interests: Contemporary arts, Abstract arts, Visual arts, Fine arts

    Interested technique : Finger painting and Palette knife painting on canvas


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