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Simon King-Underwood

Simon King-Underwood


    Simon King-Underwood


    Trained at Epsom University for the Creative Arts in ‘Fashion Illustration and Photography’ and graduated in 1994. Having raised a family I am now re focussed on my creativity and resumed working in 2018.

    My creative time is split between village life Cambridgeshire where I am a member of a weekly life drawing group and regular residential trips to the UK coast, where I enjoy ‘Plein Air’ sketching.


    My Work


    My current work is a mixture of both figurative and landscape art.

    More recently I have been experimenting with geometric art and digital photography and have been working under the description ‘Geometric Constructivism’.


    I use geometric marks to describe nature in a semi-representational way so the subject is still recognisable but somehow different. I like to play with the subject using unfamiliar mediums, I do not consider myself as a painter but as an artist.


    My Creative Philosophy - Art for Art's Sake


    The phrase 'art for art's sake' (from the French l'art pour l'art) condenses the notion that art has its own value and should be judged apart from any themes which it might touch on, such as morality, religion, history, or politics. It teaches that judgements of aesthetic value should not be confused with those proper to other spheres of life.


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