Similar drawings with different colors

Similar drawings with different colors


People live their lives in similar ways. They all have their hands, feet, eyes, nose and mouth. However, when they find others do what they think they cannot, they regard them awesome and admire them. Many people suppose they cannot do certain things and consider themselves inferior. They lack pride in themselves. People just have their own colors.

Many people want to resemble others’ colors rather than to find their own. I think people admire you when you put on your own colors rather than when you try to resemble others’ colors. So, I still do not understand many people for that of point of view.


Artist: Oblivion Yes


    Similar drawings with different colors


    Oblivion Yes

    Name: Mun Ei Su

    age: 21 years old

    Nationality: South Korea

    the art field :abstract painting, POPART

    I draw my own self and my feelings as a motif.



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