Si peu d’espace pour la grue blanche d’Amérique

Si peu d’espace pour la grue blanche d’Amérique

Si peu d’espace pour la grue blanche d’Amérique - Acrylic on fabraino paper paste on wood panel.  71 x 71 cm. 2018


The whooping crane of America was in large number and a very important species all over North America, however the resting area has decreased considerably and only one breeding area (Alberta, Canada) and one winter space (Texas, USA) remains. Urban sprawl significantly affects this species! 


Artist: Gisele Boisvert


    Si peu d’espace pour la grue blanche d’Amérique - Acrylic on fabraino paper paste on wood panel.  71 x 71 cm. 2018


    Gisele Boisvert


    Fascinates since childhood by the color and the drawing, the peace hamlet and the refuge; she will choose normative path due to lack of encouragement from her entourage.

    It was not until several years later, especially through her extensive travels and visits visual arts museums, that she will rediscovered her love for art.

    An invitation to participe to intensive oil painting workshop will drastically change her view of life. A medium that has always attracted her and then she plunges into this universe that has delighted her instantly. It initiates figurative art according to the technique of the great Masters ( as flemish painters) and this opening to this unexplored creativity enchants it .

    Quickly the call to discover a more spontaneous gesture is felt, she will move away from cerebral strain  that mastery of this oil technique suggest to her. The advent of a new inwardness approach will trigger spontaneity like a box that opened to leave room to the most beautiful treasures.

    Several distinctions and awards collected over the years in Canada and Europe.

    His works are exhibited on American, European and Asian continent.

    Her paintings are found in public institutions and private collections.


    Artistic approach


    Gisele Boisvert draws her inspiration from symbiosis of nature, its power, its contrasts, its lines and curves that make resonance with the meanders of her own inwardness. Her artwork is organized according to the shadows and lights, the ups and downs of our existences making an attractive parallel with the cycles of life.

    From them this artist surrounded herself with experienced teachers discovering new mediums and intuitive avenue. She has a delight to work with these and developing a strong attraction for mixed medias, especially inks, acrylic, encaustic, pastel, collage and colored glass painting.

    Her application of colors on canvas brings out different forms; mysterious and disturbing that infuse movement and direction to the pictorial work. From initial chaos comes the structure, the forms, and colors organization both refer to figuration and abstraction. Her compositions are very colorful, full of fluidity and brightness. During this quest, a story is built, a dialogue with the painting and the artist all over creative process living joy, letting go, love, but also doubt, uncertainty and fear.

    Exploring, improvising, advancing into nothingness in search of novelty, challenge, avoiding conformism and overcoming the control of the mind in the creative process are at the heart of her artistic approach.

     Her free gesture, carried by her vital energy, reveals her true authenticity, her paintings are pulsations of life or the encounter with the unknown can destabilize the viewer. Her visual exploration offer us imaginary, highly symbolic creations where movement and mystery amalgamate. Her spiritual intuitive paintings give way to the earth of her compositions very colorful, full of fluidity and brightness.


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