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Shawn Park

Shawn Park


    Shawn Park


    Fairytales and legends never die; they have power from spells and pictures. They may seem like only stories, but they have been breathing and telling their records on the mural, paper canvas since ancient times. From ancient murals to modern art, they represent and remain their eras; they are continually evolving into different forms of art.

    My desire is to visualize the boundary between the ideal and the illusion through my fairytales and daily life. When I was a kid, I had a desire to tell a story through pictures rather than writing because it was better to paint things that did not exist in words such as the things that do not exist or complicated emotions. The point where dreams exist may not be just fiction, but something that had happened to someone, or had already been drawn on the canvas. For example, the dreams about ventures into an unknown world or meeting mythical beings who do not exist in history. Sometimes when I am in a Lucid dream, I can make the dream more interesting. My Belief is that my narrative masterpieces can change the world, no one can get out of my fantastic canvas stories.

    The most important thing is trying to study various media for finding the best ways to take the shape of dreams. Working on advanced technology, using drawing, photography, sculptures, Oriental paintings, and software programs, I have learned lots of kinds of flavors of expressions. Specifically, the works about traditional Chinese silk with light bulb works or attempts to express on various fresh media such as UV resins in the electric lights and plastic balls. Different media have their feelings and characteristics, so it is another pleasure to study the appropriate materials according to what I want to say. I will continue to explore different media deeply, and sometimes create new types of art in line with the changing times and new generations.

    I wish to reach out to the audience as a fairytale, covering my stories in various media. I have an ambition that the stories in the works stimulate lots of artists’ imagination. Communication with the audience through my works, I have a fancy for being the root of another tree that can inspire anyone else.

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