Year: 2020

Tech: Acrylic/ Mixed media

Dimension: 71cm x 55cm x 1.5cm (no frame included or needed)


Artist: Susie Sharpe


    Susie Sharpe


    Dr. Susie Sharpe grew up in South Korea dreaming of becoming an artist someday.   When she was 16 years old her parents decided to immigrate to the U.S.  She landed in New York City not speaking any English. The language barrier, poverty, and discrimination she experienced led her to decide on a career that offered certainty of being able to support herself.  She was an exceptionally good student and decided to go into medicine, which seemed like a nearly impossible dream. 


    Next twenty years she went through extremely rigorous pre-medical and medical training, graduating from Yale Medical School and their residency program.  She has had a very successful career as an internal medicine physician for the past 25+ years.  While she has been very fulfilled as a physician she had never given up her childhood dream of becoming an artist.   She studied art every chance she had while maintaining a busy medical practice and raising 2 children. 


    Dr. Sharpe has had numerous solo exhibits and won many awards.  Her inspiring story as a physician-artist has been published in multiple magazines and news media including Arianna Huffingtons Thrive Global Magazine in February 2021.   This year she was accepted to three Internal Contemporary Art Fairs.  Her artwork will be shown in Paris (June 2021), Luxembourg (September 2021), and Brussels (November 2021).  Today she is living her American Dream.


    She witnesses much suffering as a physician.  Dr. Sharpes mission as a physician is to lessen human suffering.  Her mission as an artist is to bring the HOPEFUL, HEALING, and OPTIMISTIC message through the beauty of her art. She views life as a precious gift and this gift is to be shared with the world.


    Here are some of the comments from her viewers about her art,  Absolutely beautiful!”, Brilliant, simply brilliant!”, Amazing!”, Healing!” “Stunning!”, Brings joy”, Love your work!”, Vibrant! Passionate!”, Brightens my day!” “Such energy”, I see happiness, serenity!”

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