Separated follows Eli Jordan and his family/close friends going through the grief of a missing child. Eli’s prescription addiction and unhealthy relationships along with the tragedy result in Eli’s spiraling out, separating him from reality and those he loves. Meanwhile portrayig the quiet strength and hope of the missing child as we follow him returning home. This film is an intimate look at how much people will do for someone before they have to let go and loving from a distance. Separated Super 8, Mini-DV and Digital Film 75 mins


Artist: Nehemiah Saycsar Fleurima


    Super 8, Mini-DV and Digital Film 75 mins - 2018


    Nehemiah Saycsar Fleurima


    My name is Saycsar Fleurima and I am a filmmaker and singer based in San Francisco. My mom tells me this story of when I was a kid and she took me to see a play that her friend was stage managing, she asked me what I thought and my first response was "I want to be a producer". It's really something I've wanted to do since as far back as I can remember. I always loved performing and creating and was /still a very curious person. Evolving from music videos to longer scripted narratives, characters and how they interact with their relationships and environments really interest me - I want to immerse people.  I try to bring my own life experiences, callbacks to history/culture, social/political critique  into surreal and sensual settings set to some great music! 

    I am continuously inspired at home with my family and friends.  Although my biggest inspirations- George Michael, Alexander McQueen, and Prince are dead -  I’d want to be the kind of artist they’d want to collaborate with. Filmwise, I love Alejandro Innuarto, Aranofsky, David LaChapelle, Romaneck, Jake Gyllenhall, The Fifth Element, Moonlight. I try to challenge people to feel something, see something in a new way,  or think deeply. I hope my work in the future breaks from normative narratives of the straight, white, christian man and becomes more elaborate in themes, sets, and characters. 

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