Sensual aNd Mauve

Sensual aNd Mauve

Name : Sensual aNd Mauve

Detailes : oil on canvas with brushes

Date : The painting was started and finished in 2021 .

Size : 70 by 50 cm


Artist: Mihai Haita


    Mihai Haita


    I’m Mihai Haita, abstract oil painter/ artist from Bucharest . My work is inspired by my everyday life .  I talk a lot  but I express myself mostly through my paintings. I use bold colors and few shapes to capture a person as I see them not as they seem to others or themselves. As a child I received prizes for my innate talent, but I did not pursue this obsession with art until later in life. Now this is the only focus I have , the only reason I live . I seek to get inspired at every step just so I can have more stories to tell in my art . As I said I am not that good with words I speak  as I paint , hope you love my work as much as I do .


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