Self Portrait with Composition ix 1936

Self Portrait with Composition ix 1936

Self Portrait with Composition ix 1936


Inspired by music of Mussuorgsky and the artwork itself with the same name Composition IX

on the right corner of the Image


Artist: Lika Ramati


    Self Portrait with Composition ix 1936


    Lika Ramati


    Lika Ramati, Visual artist, fine art photographer and designer. Ramati is the founder and decorator of the legendary downtown’s Yaffa Café and Simone Martini Bar in New York and appearing in the list of 100 top Israeli’s influential entrepreneurs in the USA .In Gold List of emerging artists by Art market magazine and an international book of the most influential Woman of the World.

    Her Artistic language has no limits , from street art to interior design ,to international art exhibits.
    Lika exhibiting her art in shows and galleries around the world in private collections and appearing in

    numerous international magazines and art books.

    In art as in life, by processes of composition and decomposition, harmony and disharmony, yin and yang, beautiful and ugly are discarded and displayed on our canvas of reality.

    As a woman and an artist my coping with the accepted rules of beauty and aesthetics occurs as the elements break, merge, and reconnect. I explore the relationship between chaos with beauty and harmony. There for the friction between the opposites, a new thing is created, the beautiful chaos.

    Now I'm moving in my heart and my art, to the new woman.
    From the goddess to beautiful chaos and to a whole integrated new femininity. My art path resonance with my inner spiritual evolution.

    The world is changing rapidly, on so many layers, from Tec to Nano existence, and from patriarchal culture consciousness to a profound woman, whom no longer needs the power of feminism to establish her presence in the main river of being.
    The life force itself requires a change in the artist's inner world. It is an uncompromising challenge to internal integrity, research and spiritual integrity.

    I'm in love with the concepts of womanly beauty, nature and power of the female. Art for me is a way of expressing truth, translating my soul evolution to time and space, transforming energy into form and color. It's an impulse, a life force, which I drown to pass forward. I'm playing with a process of dressing and undressing layers of my fantasy world, all with my original photographs.

    Lika Ramati



    • 2007 "it's all about sex" Israel at shelef & shneidman contemporary art gallery. 2009 Montifiory Auction House Israel
    • 2009 Everything is pretty solo exhibition during art Basel Miami Florida 2009 a New Eye on Israel for the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv- Jaffa 2013 Paris Les Hivernal
    • 2013 Volvo the sound of Pop Art Israel 2013 Montifiory Auction House Israel 2014 Art Monaco
    • 2014 International auction Espace Fine Art for Wizo Paris with collaboration with Christies 2015 Passion and Colours Pal mall gallery London
    • 2015 Jaffa Port Gallery Fine art Photography Israel 2015 Moshe Kastel museum Bianalle Earth Israel 2016 Aids Benefit Bank Hapoalim
    • 2016 Art connection Internetional Show during Art Basel 2017 Aids Benefit Bank Hapoalim
    • 2017 Living Artists of Today contemporary art book Vol 3 2017 Salons Hoche Paris for "ADETEC-COEUR" by Christie’s
    • 2017 Milan Biennial of contemporary art with MAD gallery Italy
    • 2017 Art Market International Art Magazine.The Gold list .Top EmergingArtists of Today 2018 The First Berliner Art Book
    • 2018 Art Market International Art Magazine.The Gold list .Top EmergingArtists of Today 2018 Top Israeli Artists Art Market International Art Magazine.
    • 2018 Milan Biennial of contemporary art with MAD gallery Italy

    After reading the notes and the research I made into Kandinsky work and writings

    I wanted to come up with something that helds the essence of his artistic and spiritual philosophy.

    Since my art is not abstract it was a bit difficult to make the connection .

    I was moved by his words

    Quoting here a few ideas that inspired me

    “As he stated, Kandinsky felt that an authentic artist creating art from "an internal necessity" inhabits the tip of an upward-moving pyramid. This progressing pyramid is penetrating and proceeding into the future. What was odd or inconceivable yesterday is commonplace today; what is avant garde today (and understood only by the few) is common knowledge tomorrow. The modern artist–prophet stands alone at the apex of the pyramid, making new discoveries and ushering in tomorrow's reality.

    Kandinsky was aware of recent scientific developments and the advances of modern artists who had contributed to radically new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. “

    Can’t be more accurate to this time in out current time

    As well what he said about colours

    * Colours on the painter's palette evoke a double effect: a purely physical effect on the eye which is charmed by the beauty of colours, similar to the joyful impression when we eat a delicacy. This effect can be much deeper, however, causing a vibration of the soul or an "inner resonance"—a spiritual effect in which the colour touches the soul itself.

    And About the job of the artist

    “The painter's job is to listen and know these effects to produce paintings which are not just the effect of a random process, but the fruit of authentic work and the result of an effort towards inner beauty. “


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