Self Mockery

Self Mockery

Self Mockery - 70 x 100 cm 2019 oil and gold leaves sheets on canvas


Artist: Zeina Nader


    Self Mockery - 70 x 100 cm 2019 oil and gold leaves sheets on canvas


    Zeina Nader

    The award winning Lebanese Artist Zeina Nader, was born in Lebanon, 1973. Graduated from Université Saint Joseph – Beirut in 1996 with a degree of Communication Arts.

    Instead of pursuing her promising career in the fields of theatre, cinema and photography, she chose to adopt her initial love and passion: Painting.

    Which started out as a hobby, painting all kinds of materials or supports (porcelain, wood, leather, fabric, etc) slowly became a professional career of painting on canvases, pushed forward by her familiarity with oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolors and other different mixed medias.

    Her main inspirations were impressionists and figurative

    artists, and that contributed to finding her path in abstract painting, since it has many beautiful tales to tell and beautiful vibrations to create.

    Several cities from around the world witnessed her paintings on display (New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, Monaco, Copenhagen, Bruges, etc) and many are yet to come.

    Anything around her is an inspiration as well, a song or a movie, a child or an old man, itʼs all ART.

    All forms of arts have their ways of communicating to us, which is mainly the reason why Zeina chose to be an author too.

    Her very first personal art book entitled: “Mots Sur Couleurs” saw the light in 2016. Another one was released in the year 2018: “Non, je ne suis pas une blogueuse”. Both of them were published at

    “Editions Noir Blanc Etc.”

    Life itself, to Zeina Nader, is the greatest artwork to ever exist.

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