Seba Acidshouldbe

Seba Acidshouldbe


    Seba Acidshouldbe

    My name is Seba Penson, 
    I live in Belgium but to add more to that i’m in matter of fact more of an citizen of the world based in our Cosy galaxy the Milkyway.. For whole my life i’m very sceptical worried about what is good and wat is all wrong in this world...  it looks like that most of the time all other humans are being sad about all of modern obligations we made ourselfs about life, work, passion, love...etc.etc.. I'm not sad our anything like that at all... most time during the day is beeing creative and hopeful mand that is what made me the person who i am now....

    When I was a child i learned about the stars and their possitions at our nightsky and studies and calculations truly saying that the typical human characters and manors are having a deeper connection with each other...
    so i looked what the stars were saying about the moment i was brought to this world and it gave me a feeling my life is just going in the way it schould be going...
    Here is what the stars said: 

    ‘I define in order to create, sealing the outputs of vision and guided by the power of magic!’ 

    So for me it was no hard dissuasion to have a fitting name to give myself for what i’ll do everyday and not so long after this point, 
    Acidshouldbe was born...



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