Sara Bartolomé Solés

Sara Bartolomé Solés

Sara Bartolomé Solés


    Sara Bartolomé Solés


    My name is Sara Bartolomé Solés. I was born in 1976 in Figueres (Catalonia).

    My first contact with painting could be said to have not come until I was in my thirties when a good friend encouraged me to try this world and I was fascinated.

    I haven't regulated artistic studies. My artistic training is based in some painting courses, mostly figure and portrait.

    Painting is my personal space where I can be creative, get my hands dirty and let go and bring out my emotions without limitations, which is impossible in my typical working day.

    Since 2011 I was a member of Grup3colors, with whom we did a group painting exhibition every year until 2019 guided for executer painter Ramon Pujolboira, who was our great master.

    With this same group in September of 2017 I was participated in a painting with collage exhibition called “Albons- Hollywood” in 29th Girona Film Festival.

    In October 2017 to January 2018 I participated with two paintings called “The White Sage” and “Daughter of Storm” in another collective exposition non title in the Hotel Restaurant Bon Retorn in Figueres - Girona (Catalonia).

    Next, the same exhibition it was moving to La Jonquera- Girona (Catalonia).


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