Artist's Statement

    my work,at this point in time, is a graphicformulaic interpretation of the
duality and symbiotic nature of our reality and the synergy it brings to bear on any given moment.

    Starting with a skeletal process refined through it's evolution, of real time decision making, based on an evolving criteria and influenced by an innate genetic memory: a myriad of decisions ensue, linked line segmets flow uninterupted. Cognizance of the form, that emerges from culminating paths, is translated as source (reference) and thus used throughout the development of the work. A refocus on elemental messaging has placed correctness over beauty and I take no responsibility to envision outcome. It is that of which mI give the viewer to read.


    1974-1977 Antioch College West Master's Program in Inter disciplinary Arts Mill Valley, CA

    1971-1974 San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Electronic Music

    1966-1968 University of Arizona, Engineering/ Psychology

    1962-1966 Phoenix Union High School Phoenix, AZ

    1954-1962 Douglas Elementary School Cleveland, TX

    Professional Experience

    1997 Art Consultant, Washington Middle School Mural

    1997 Artist-In-Residence, Tacoma Art Museum

    1996 Art Consultant, Art on the Fence, Casey Family Program

    1995 Exhibit Curator, Matter of Colors IV, Pacific Arts Center

    1994-1996 Central Area Arts Council Committee Member

    1994 King County Arts Commission Juror, North Sea-Tac Park Project

    1992-1996 METRO Arts Committee Member

    1992 King County Arts Commission Juror, Community Health Center Projects

    1990 - Private Instruction- Creative Process

    1989 -1997 Painting Instruct or Pratt Fine Arts Center

    1970 -1975 Performer/Composer/Teacher San Francisco Dancer's Workshop



    2004 Adolf & Ester Gottlieb Foundation Grant

    2001 -2004 Studio grant awarded by Chashama A Durst family corporation NY, NY

    1999 Design Finalist. Millennium Project. Seattle Art Commission

    1997 Neddy Fellowship Nominee, Behnke Foundation Seattle, WA

    1994 Seattle Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Blanche Lavizzo Water Park Project, Design Team

    1993 Finalist for Poster Design, Corporate Council for the Arts, Seattle, WA

    1991 International Exchange Artist for the Division of Culture, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland

    1991 1st Prize for Composition, Grand Prix d'Aquitaine, Commanderie Museum Tonneins, FRANCE

    1990 Invitation Only Contest, Exposition Internationale d'Arts Plastiques, Chapelle de la Sorbonrx Paris, FRANCE

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SeeMe Exhibitions/ChaShama Gallery The Beauty Of Form Collection

    4 Times Square New York, NY

Body 1: An Abstracted Concept of Orgin (interdisciplinary event) SOIL Gallery Seattle, WA

PLP Gallery New York, NY
AAF International Art Fair New York, NY

AAF International Art Fair New York, NY G.R. Nnamdi Gallery Detroit , MI The Scene Gallery New York , NY

Cross Path Culture Gallery New York, NY

Commanderie Museum, Selected Artist Tonneins, FRANCE 2000 Cross Path Culture Gallery New York, NY

American Visions 145 New York , NY Millennium Project, Seattle Center Seattle, WA

Port Angeles Fine Art Center , Group Show Port Angeles, WA Neddy Fellowship Art Exhibit, Sea first Gallery Seattle, WA COCA, Edwin T. Pratt Memorial Seattle, WA

COCA, Instructor's Exhibition Seattle, WA
Pratt Fine Arts Center, Matter of Colors V Seattle, WA COCA, Edwin T. Pratt Memorial Seattle, WA

King County Art Commission Ar t Gallery Seattle, WA Dedication of Blanche Lavizzo Water Play Park Seattle, WA Eastshore Gallery, Selected Artist Kirkland, WA
Pacific Arts Center, Matter of Colors IV Seattle, WA

Galerie Zangberie Basel, Switzerland
Pacific Arts Center, Edwin T. Pratt Memorial Seattle, WA

Foster / White Gallery, Pratt Instructor's Exhibit Kirkland, WA SAM Rental/ Sales Gallery, Celebrations Seattle, WA Eagle Eye Gallery Seattle, WA
Art Works for AIDS, Selected Artist Seattle, WA
Security Pacific Gallery, Selected Artist Seattle, WA
Pratt Fine Arts Center, Edwin T. Pratt Memorial Seattle, WA

Exposition Internationale, Selected Artist
Chapelle de la Sorbonne Paris, FRANCE
Pratt Fine Arts Center, Edwin T. Pratt Memorial Seattle, WA Pacific Arts Center, Matter of Colors IV Seattle, WA

Wonderful World of Art, Two Man Show Seattle, WA Commanderie Museum, Selected Artist Tonneins, FRANCE Interdisciplinary Performance Basel, Switzerland
Galerie Zangberie Basel, Switzerland

Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Selected Artist Seattle, WA Festival Sundiata , Selected Artist Seattle, WA

Unveiling of Commissioned Painting for Dick Balch Seattle, WA Morgan/Monceaux Gallery Seattle, WA Oxford Restaurant & Bar Seattle, WA



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