Saffron-Rose is self-taught artist from London, and is a lover of all things weird and wonderful. She specializes in mixed media art work combining abstract expressionism, line illustration and portraits to create a final piece. 

    ‘’I’m still trying to find who I am as an artist; I love to experiment and truly feel as though art speaks to my soul. I love to dig deep into my subconscious and paint whatever I feel in the moment. I’m not a planner… instead I like to think of my art as an occurrence and development of events by chance. My work is very outlandish, and free. I enjoy delving into my uncanny and unworldly thoughts to create imperfect creations.’’ 

    Her recent works are a result of a series of sleep paralysis dreams. 

    ‘’I try and express these dream-like states I continue to have through my paintings, thus giving me a sense of control over the horror and shifting these emotions into works of art.’’ 



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