Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Art Aroma by Mehak Mittal


Being a mother myself, the concept for this exhibition is very personal and inspiring for me.  I have depicted through my artwork some of the most amazing women in this world who have been a mother-figure for countless people around the world. They faced unimaginable adversities both professionally and personally, but persevered through them to change the world we live in today.

  • Mother Teresa, the nun who became a saint:

Mother in the truest sense, she devoted her entire life to care for the sick and the poor.  She founded the order, The Missionaries of Charity, to look after abandoned babies and to help the poorest of the poor. For her work in uplifting the life of millions of unfortunate people, she received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.


  • Rosa Parks, the mother of the freedom movement in the United States:

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was an American activist in the civil rights movement best known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott. She helped initiate the civil rights movement in the United States when she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama bus in 1955.The United States Congress has called her "the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement".


  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent a lifetime flourishing in the face of adversity before being appointed a Supreme Court justice, where she successfully fought against gender discrimination. Even her exceptional academic record, after graduating top of her class, was not enough to shield her from the gender-based discrimination women faced in the workplace in the 1960s.  She overcame these adversities to fight for women in America until her last day. Lo



All paintings are made using professional grade materials on 640 GSM watercolor paper using professional watercolors and Ink.

All 3 paintings are of size 22” x 15” ea. (approx. 56cm X 38cm).


Artist: Mehak Mittal


    All paintings are made using professional grade materials on 640 GSM watercolor paper using professional watercolors and Ink.

    All 3 paintings are of size 22” x 15” ea. (approx. 56cm X 38cm).


    Mehak Mittal


    Artist Bio:

    Mehak Mittal is a self-taught watercolor artist and her art journey spans over 10 years and across 3 continents.

    Mehak has always been moved by the boundless beauty around her - the grace in flight of a bird, the lazy drift of marine life and elegant gait of moving animals. Not bound by rules, borders or race, and with their ability to blend in and standout at the same time, their vibrant colors and intricate details are the source of inspiration for her work. She started using watercolors as her primary medium since the movement and fluidity of watercolors resonated best with her desire to capture the essence of her favorite subject - Nature.  She loves mixing Inks with her watercolor works to bring her artwork to life to give a realistic depiction to her subjects.

    Mehak did her first solo exhibition back in 2012 and still feels as inspired to continue sharing her unique perspective through the medium of art. Her recent works have been exhibited at the M.A.D.S Gallery in Milan, Bath Art Exhibition that helps raise funds for ‘Children’s Hospice SW’, Explorers against Extinction (that help to protect endangered animal species) and is also associated with Hansford & Sons Emerging Artist Platform. 

    A trained Dentist and a certified Yoga instructor, she currently lives in London with her husband and a very active 4-year-old son.


    Artist Statement:

    Painting for me is a form of meditation. When I paint, my mind is surrounded by nothing but my colors, my brushes, and perhaps my favorite tune in my ears, and in that moment, I am truly alive.

    My subjects come from Mother nature. I find movement beautiful and my pieces usually depict the subject in motion.

    Given the complexity involved in capturing the details and textures of these subjects, I found that the fluidity and freedom offered by watercolors resonates best with my art style. I am fascinated by how the pigments dance when mixed with water on paper or when two colors merge to reveal a completely new one.

    For a new piece, I start by adding one layer at a time, gradually adding more complexity to the design with each brush stroke. As watercolors are transparent by nature, I love seeing the layers merge into each other effortlessly yet retaining a certain feeling of depth in the design.

    I often go through a period of fondness for certain genre, but my muse changes often. Over the years, I have found myself attracted to the jelly fish floating in the oceans, the swift turn of a betta fish, the mating dance of an egret. I look forward to continuing my love affair with these beautiful creatures and capture their magnificence.



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