Rogue Nebula

Rogue Nebula

Rogue Nebula


Artist: Jacqueline Showler


    Rogue Nebula


    Jacqueline Showler


    Jacqueline was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA. She is a local school teacher and has been for the past seven years. Growing up, she always loved being outside, drawing her favorite cartoon characters, and making arts and crafts. It was not until recently that she discovered her passion for painting.


     She is a self-taught artist and mostly specializes in acrylic painting and paint pouring. Most of her paintings are inspired by nature and include bright, vibrant colors. She loves making abstract art that gives viewers something different each time they look at it.

     Creating art brings Jacqueline great joy. She is hopeful that her art will inspire and bring joy to others as well.



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