RESTAURANT - After meal coffee

RESTAURANT - After meal coffee

Title:   RESTAURANT - After meal coffee

Year:   2021

Tech:  oil painting with painting knife

size:    318x409mm


Artist: Shun Kakegawa


    Shun Kakegawa


    Space is always about people


    At the age of 13 I became interested in architecture through magazines and discovered its depth and the importance and interest of design. In 2004 I founded my own architectural design studio and my work has always been about architecture, about people. Space is always about people and people live their daily lives with different needs and desires.

    What do we think and what do we feel? I would like to convey in the form of art the important space where we spend our days. The result is a series of oil paintings in which the figures play a simple and indiscriminate supporting role and the knife is used to finish the architectural space.



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