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    Renuka Sridhar


    My name is RENUKA SRIDHAR. I am an Indian artist, CREATING ART FROM THE HEART because “I art-iculate with art when i know no other language to express myself”


    Art has been my passion since childhood, but with no formal training in art and no one to guide me, somewhere down the line, art took a back seat.

    Then one day I came across some interesting YouTube tutorials on ‘how to paint landcapes’ by Wilson Bickford and Kevin Hill. Then there was no turning back. Today I paint on various different subjects like Divinity & Buddha, Motifleri, Mandalas, Nature, Flora and Fauna, Abstracts, African tinga tinga style, decorative floral art, one-stroke paintings, still life etc. I have learnt all these techniques only from online tutorials, thanks to all my online tutors.


    I have six exhibitions to my credit :

    My First solo exhibition was held in Maputo, Mozambique in June 2016

    Second exhibition was held by the prestigious Aura Art in the Art Enclave @ Index Fairs in Mumbai in June 2017.

    Third exhibition was held at the Kalaa Spandhan Art Fair in Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai in November 2018.

    Fourth group exhibition titled “COLOURS OF NATURE" was held at Prabodhankar Thackeray Natya Mandir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India

    Fifth group exhibition titled "ENLIGHTENMENT”, an International Art Exhibition, was held at Light of Asia Center, Colombo, Sri Lanka in June 2019

    My Mandalas were exhibited at THE INDIA FURNITURE EXPO 2019 at the BOMBAY EXHIBITION CENTRE, Mumbai in August 2019.


    I am also a Gold medallist in All India Online Painting Competition 2019 organised by Usari Art in March 2019.


    I have conducted two workshops for ASEEMA CHARITABLE TRUST , a school run by an NGO in Mumbai. The first workshop was held on April 2016 on African tinga tinga style of painting and the second one was held on June 2016 on one-stroke painting - both the workshops were a huge success that fetched lot of funds for the school.


    I donate a lot of paintings for fund raising programs and as a principle I also donate 20% of my earnings through sale of my paintings for a good cause.

    True to my slogan, I am ‘CREATING ART FROM THE HEART’

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