Renata Lempicka

Renata Lempicka

Renata Lempicka


    Renata Lempicka


    She was born in Boleslawiec in Poland.

    A graduate of the Academy of  Arts in Lodz, painting and drawing.

    A member of the Artistic Association of European Integration.

    She lives and creates mainly in Poland but her work can be found in public and private  collections in  Europe and Ameryka.

    Participant of numerous artistic open air painting and charity auctions and a lot of exhibitions.

    She practices painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor), drawing and monotype.

    The themes and cycles of works are abstractions (elements, energies, musical inspirations) and impressions and inspirations drawn from nature (sea, landscapes, flowers, butterflies,  birds, seasons).

    In her work, she often refers to metaphysics, the world of dreams and fantasies, where the most important thing is to give the impression and expression, about moving the depths of existence.


    In 2019, she received the prize for painting International Prize MICHELANGELO, which was presented by a jury in Rome.

    More important individual exhibitions:

    - 2014 - Philharmonic Mieczysław Karlowicz in Szczecin,

    - 2014 - Artmasters in Szczecin,

    - 2015 - Cultural Center of the Euroregion Stara Rzeznia in Szczecin,

    - 2015 - West Pomeranian Voivodeship Office,

    - 2015/2016 – Palace in Siemczyno,

    - 2015 – Artmasters in Szczecin

    - 2016 - Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin,

    - 2016 - Captain Gallery in Szczecin,

    - 2016/2017 - Restaurant "Helianthus" in Warsaw,

    - 2018 - Cultural Center of the Euroregion Stara Rzeznia in Szczecin.

    Important collective exhibitions:

    - 2015 - post-construction exhibition in Wiselka,

    - 2016 - exhibition in the "SAIE" Gallery,

    - 2016 - exhibition in Luckow in Germany,

    - 2016 - jubilee exhibition at the Castle in Szczecin,

    - 2017 - exhibition of graduates from the Academy of Arts in Lodz,

    - 2017 - exhibition in Pomeranian Library in Szczecin,

    - 2018 - exhibition of graduates from the Academy of Arts in Lodz in Museum in Pruszkow,

    - 2018 - exhibition in Mad Gallery Milano,

    - 2018 - exhibition in Art Studio 54 in Florence,

    - 2018 - exhibition in Gallery in Castell Arquato,

    - 2018 - exhibition in Gallery in Stara Rzeznia Szczecin

    - 2019 - participation in the international artistic project Premio Combat Prize 2019 in Livorno, Italy

    - 2019 - participation in the international artistic project YICCA 2019

    - 2019 - participation during the award ceremony International Prize MICHELANGELO in Rome.

    - 2019 – exhibition in Meeting Art Gallery in Lisbon.


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