Regina Dantas

Regina Dantas


    Regina Dantas

    I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I’ve studied at the Guignard School  of  Visual Arts, Belo Horizonte. Currently  I’m living in Rio de Janeiro where I’ve participated at painting, printing and drawing workshops and have worked for 28 years as a set designer for Globo TV Channel.

    Searching for musicality, I reinvent with colors, shapes, and textures what’s happening around me.

    Through the art of stencil-based serigraphy, I explore repeated variations, and uncertain shapes, always leaving room for surprises. Every print becomes a monotype.

    In this new series, I explore the wonders of the circle as the symbol of spirituality, and its connection with eternity and the cycle of life – a form with no beginning and no end.



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