Red Night Light

Red Night Light

Red Night Light 9"x12" 22.85x30.48cm


Artist: Yolanda Gilibert


    Red Night Light 9"x12" 22.85x30.48cm


    Yolanda Gilibert


    My hope as an artist is not only to bring joy to the spectator, but also to present snapshots of my life experience, and encourage viewers to think more deeply about diverse cultures. My sources of inspiration are landscapes, nature, and architecture I find in American Abstract Expressionism and in the Latin American Culture.


    For my creative process I usually follow similar process to an architectural project. It all begins with a concept, an idea, and sometimes a feeling. Then, I develop a series of black and white sketches, or sometimes I create these colorful sketches in my mind. Finally, when I begin painting it all flows naturally. I mostly use fluid and regular acrylics on canvas, paper and wood.


    I started developing interest in arts and aesthetics from an early age. Born and raised in Mexico City I grew up with a strong cultural environment. But it wasn’t until after my Architecture and Urban Planning studies in Boston when I felt I was ready to develop my painting as a channel of expression and self-awareness. Working with the Latinx community and disadvantaged immigrant artists helped me understand how, as an immigrant myself, I’m in constant search of connection with my origins. For me, bright colors, light, and movement are the best way to achieve this connection.


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