Reconditis Oedipus

Reconditis Oedipus

Reconditis Oedipus 120X80 on canvas


Artist: Stephan Janssens


    Reconditis Oedipus 120X80 on canvas


    Stephan Janssens

    2000 Creating small mixed media paintings on hardboard.

    2006 Starting to make design lamps and small light installations and opened a lighting shop .

    2017 found new inspiration to make abstract paintings more alive with use of sprays, crystals, gold and other materials.


    Making conceptual and abstract( inner)scapes inspired on dualityscenes of our subconsiousness.


    I experiment with the mixing of paints, glitter, spray and new materials to explore and enjoy the vibrancy of colour and texture. Incorporating emotions in my work depending a certain mood and in response to the dynamics created when colours in different textures and ratios which are set with and against each other. These build up layers of images will reflect this inner momentum of a split second personal storyboard. (Like closing our eyes after an emotional moment.)

    Each piece is made through a combination of expressive colour and a mindset . The work is realised by soft strokes or scratching into paint, drawing energetic lines, layers of paint, spray , gold, more paint, more colour, making each piece vividly unique.

    I am intrigued with how we respond to the painting and therefore to my emotion displayed in the work. My aim is to explore how abstract /surealistic painting can generate visual energetic joy, pleasure , emotion.            To transpond this inner momentum and force the observer how the scene can be of meaning .


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