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    I have been drawing since I was six. That means that I have been drawing professionally for twenty years. I started drawing intensively after my parents divorced. Soon after, a traumatic event changed me forever. I have had depression and flashbacks for years since then. There is no medication for me and my only hope is art.


    There are positive things that help me, like music. One of my favorite songs is „Ice Queen“. I have been listening to Within Temptation since I was sixteen. Back then I was in art school. I was at art school for 4 years and I have completed various commissions including portraits, animals, landscapes and fantasy art.

    I draw both, traditionally and digitally. I am a painter, designer, 3D artist, director, animator and  recognized artist. You can find my animations and follow me on Vimeo

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    As a person I am very complex, sensitive, very patient and sometimes unpredictable. I like to wear black because I feel protected. I am living and working in Switzerland.



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