Rainbow Lady

Rainbow Lady

Rainbow Lady - technical spattered with acrylic paint


Artist: Marie Guetti


    Rainbow Lady - technical spattered with acrylic paint


    Marie Guetti


    Marie Guetti is a third age artist who finally found her purpose of life... "There has been a long time that I have a great desire inside of me of having a project to help needy people. And two years ago I started this project. My desire was to find something that I could do by myself, using my time and skills. So I enrolled myself in a canvas painting course and I just fell in love with abstract painting. Since then I have been trying to learn more and more. Besides the teacher's instructions, I also search on the internet for more information, though it has been something really difficult to me, since almost everything is in English and I do not speak English.

    ut searching for knowledge and considering my anxiety of achieving the ideal, I threw paint to the canvas, I did things once, twice, three times, I made mistakes... and so I accumulated paintings in my house that I did not consider art. Some days ago my dear daughter Camila, my main supportive person, came to my house to photograph, catalog and post my paintings on the social media. It was a surprise to me to see that my LOVE AND ART PROJECT (PROJETO AMOR E ARTE - in Portuguese) will be viable; I can paint and revert the entire amount of money in commodity bundle and school supplies for needy people. I am really glad and grateful to God for being in charge of my life and I am also grateful to everybody who is encouraging me.”



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