Rafael Serrano

Rafael Serrano

Rafael Serrano


    Rafael Serrano



    1980 - Bachelors of Fine Arts - California State University Long Beach 1982 - Masters of Fine Arts - Otis College of

    Art and Design



    1984 Sculptor/Designer - Dexter Company

    1985 - 85 Scenic Painter - Freelance Scenic Painter

    1984 - 86 Instructor - Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising 1986 - 87 Instructor - Norwalk High School

    1986 Designed Photographic projections for Jackson Brown

    2000 Conga Room - Interior Paintings and murals

    2004 Production Designer - “Pumpkin Carver” Design for a horror film

    2005 Anthropological Poetry, Los Angeles, CA March 2003 - Present

    Created own business entity to promote endeavors of artistic communication and expression.



    2016 Fab Gallery "Lake Of Secrets And Other Living Things" Venice, CA

    2016 Neutra Institute "Lagoon Of Unrepentant Memories Plus Other Living Things" LA, CA

    2014 Space Gallery, Pomona, CA

    2014 Downtown Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

    2013 York K Studio, Highland Park , CA

    2011 An Orange Door Gallery

    1998 Bigoudi International, L.A. CA

    1997 Gallery Isabelle, L.A. CA

    1995 Gallery Andy Jillien, Zurich Switzerland

    1991 Marquardt Gallery, Venice CA

    1990 Jan Baum Gallery, L.A. CA

    1989 “Anthropological Poetic Fantasies" B1 Gallery, S.M. CA



    2018 '26 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS' group show Stockholm, Sweden 2018

    2018 '49 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS' group show Kant Garage Berlin, Germany 2018

    2017 'THE PINK POP UP SHOW' group show Castelli Art Apace Los Angeles, CA 2017

    2014 Art Share L.A. Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

    2012 Ground Space Projects L.A, CA.

    2009 Attack of the Cyclops

    2009 Last Picture Show '09, DRKRM Gallery, L.A., CA.

    2009 Robert Berman Gallery 30th year anniversary show

    2008 “Love Me, DRKRM Gallery, L.A., CA.

    2003 Absolute Biennial, L.A. CA

    1999 Group Show Downtown Gallery, L.A. CA

    1994 "Kunst Aus Den USA" Galerie M. Berlin, Germany

    1993 "The Art Speaks for Itself VIII" DGA Building, L.A. CA

    1993 "The Art Speaks for Itself VII" DGA Building, L.A. CA

    1991 Marquardt Gallery, Venice CA

    1990 Marquardt Gallery, Venice CA

    1989 "Frailty of Power" Cypress College, Cypress CA

    1988 "Viewpoints" The Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego CA

    1987 "Poetic Injury" Alternative Museum, N.Y. New York

    1987 "Myth Ritual" San Francisco Camerawork Gallery, S.F. CA

    1987 "Avant Garde in the Eighties" LA County Museum of Art, L.A. CA

    1986 Members Juried Show LACPS Gallery, L.A. CA

    1986 "Artist for the Homeless" Eilat Gordon Gallery, L.A. CA

    1986 Three Person Show, BC Space Gallery, L.A. CA

    1986 All California Biennial" Riverside Art Museum, Riverside CA

    1985 "Exaggerations" LACPS Gallery, L.A. CA

    1985 "Outspeak" LACPS Gallery, L.A. CA

    1985 Alumni Group Show, Otis/ Parsons, L.A. CA

    1981 "Fix-it-Up" LACE Gallery, L.A. CA



    2016 Tanja M Laden VICE Magazine "The Creator's Project"

    2016 Phil Tarley, Fabrik Magazine "The Critical Eye"

    2013 The Eastsider, Nathan Solis

    1998 Josef Woodard, Los Angeles Times,

    1991 Susan Kandel, Arts Magazine, May

    1991 Peter Frank, "Art Pick of the Week", LA Weekly, April 26 - May 2, 1991

    1991 Diedre Dube, Venice Magazine, April

    1991 Juan Carlos Nagel, LA Opinion, February 21

    1991 Shauna Snow, Los Angeles Times

    1991 Carlos Ruvalcaba, La Opinion

    1990 Todd Baron,ArtScene "A Different Aesthetic"

    1989 Susan Kandel, Arts Magazine

    1989 Rick Vanderknyff, Los Angeles Times,

    1989 Rick Vanderknyff, Los Angeles Times

    1989 Marlena Donohue, Los Angeles Times

    1989 Alejandro Rosas, LA Opinion

    1989 Ralph Rugoff, "The Wry Stuff", L.A. Style Magazine

    1987 "Poetic Injury", The Village Voice

    1987 Suzzan Boettger, "Poetic Injury", Alt. Museum Exhibition Catalog,

    1987 Robert Blake "Myth/Ritual", S.F. Camerawork Quarterly

    1987 Howard Fox, "Avant Garde in the Eighties", LACMA Exhibition Catalog

    1986 Chuck Nicholson, "Sexual Icons Mythical Realities", Artweek


    Critical review by Chiara Valaguzza (Art Curator)

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