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Technique: Photoshop and a combination of numerous apps via my smartphone and/or tables (sometimes one of those, sometimes a combination, sometimes all of them): PS Express, Lightroom, SuperimposeX, groovo, Glitch Face, Glitch Lab..


Artist: Garance Studio


    Garance Studio


    Garance Studio, born Fabien Fourtier, is a French artist based in Paris. Self-taught, he dived into photographic creation during Fall 2020, shaping his digital worlds through his sensibility, experiences and cultural influences, ranging from 80's aesthetic, underground culture and independent art.

    Sensuality, authenticity and passion: the ideals Fabien intends to express through his artwork. Deep color treatment, glitch techniques, through people, flowers and landscapes but with a common denominator to all his visuals: music, as it accompanies any and all of his works. Whether dictating the creation because of the vibe it creates within him or used as subtitles post creation to emphasize his idea of beauty, music is at the very core of Fabien's creative process and assists him seeking aforesaid ideals


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