Queen of nature

Queen of nature

Queen of nature: 175x75x2cm. Acrylic on Canvas. 2019


Victoria on her throne. A tree trunk covered with moss on a clearing. Today, she dressed elegantly for a selected photographer, put on her crown and took the scepter in her hand. She protects the plants and animals in the forest and is telepathically connected to them. She talks about her life in nature and with nature. She talks about the wisdom of the Indians, about mindfulness, about Mother Earth, about God and about creation. She wants to wake people up. She is a pioneer and a symbol of the New Age, which has already begun!


Artist: Gabi Domenig


    Gabi Domenig



    Born 1963 in Lienz, East Tyrol, Austria. Graduation at the Commercial Academy. Aupair in London and Rome. The dream of studying art at the famous Art School Mozarteum in Salzburg did not come true. Two years of studies History and German at the University of Salzburg. Change to a banking institution. 1994 return to Lienz. Employee of the Tourism Board and later on in the family business. Seminars in color theory, drawing, composition and nude painting. Raddle, charcoal and pastel chalk on paper and primed wooden boards were the working materials in the nineties. First exhibition in 1999. Since 2000 acrylic painting on canvas. Over 80 participations in national and international exhibitions so far.


    My way of painting has developed unhindered over the past 20 years and is attributed to Neo Expressionism due to its intense color palette and the figurative painting. My main topics are man and nature. Especially the respectful representation of women in all their emotional and visual facets. My artworks are colorful snapshots, mostly between dream and reality, often mysterious and fairytale and want to find the way to the heart of the observer. As a typical feature of my Pictures: a paradisical subject has established itself. Plants and animals have moved from the original decorative element in the foreground. Human and nature. Communication at all levels with the originality of creation. You can find my artworks in many international artbooks, magazines, online galleries and private collections in Europa, USA, Brasil and Australia. Numerous international Awards. Finalist at the Global Art Art Awards in Dubai 2017 with my work PARADISE MADONNA. (Top 20)

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