Acrylic on canvas

Gold leafs and impasto

70 x 100 cms / 28 x 40 ‘’



Primavera in Spanish means: “Spring” is a painting that with its traces and vibrant yellow, ochre and sienna colors, expresses the vitality and beauty of that season of the year. In life, Primavera/ Spring is called: “opportunity” , and I believe we all have an opportunity in life to embrace what we want and what we bring to this world.

Primavera reminds me, that besides what we are living, there will always be an opportunity to be better, and its represented in the painting with its highlights in gold leaf.


Artist: Julio Solórzano


    Julio Solórzano


    Julio Solórzano is a young artist based in the tropical coast of Honduras, Central America, with its hot weather and nature all around, he is inspired in painting animals and people with intense vibrant colors, specially in the backgrounds, he likes gold and silver leafing its paintings to show the elegance every painting must have. He also paints stylishness abstract paintings that show the colors and movements with high impasto that show not just complexity but also taste and great color understanding. He believes painting is about expression, but also about elegance and fine details.


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