Prelude to them all

Prelude to them all

Work Title: Prelude to them all

Technique: Mixed media on canvas

Size: 81x64cm

Year of realisation: 2021


Artist: Jenni Jussila


    Jenni Jussila


    I am a self-taught artist from Finland and I started to paint in 2020. The inspirations to my works rise from the wandering thoughts in my mind so I might get a spark to start painting from music, books, society or people around us, or just thinking about life. I’ve always been sort of a thinker rather than doer and for many years I was sensing that I have a flame inside of me but I had not figured out what is the direction I needed to take to unfold it. As we all know, you can never predict where life is going to lead you, so I have also faced some struggles in my life, like many of us, and the heaviest struggle has been when, in my twenties, I needed to learn to walk again. That struggle taught me countless things about life and gratitude that I would perhaps never have learned without it. It also created a wide spectrum of different emotions and thoughts inside of me, which certainly have an effect on my paintings. For years after surviving from that struggle, I was trying to find a way to set all my thoughts free. Then I found art. It took me ten years to find a way to channel all my experiences and emotions risen from them, and when I took the first brush strokes on a canvas I was filled with a scale of emotions and the uttermost feel of fulfillment that I had never felt before. I knew I had found the aphrodisiac of my inner flame. And I’m still strongly on that exciting journey.


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