Portrait Of The Big O

Portrait Of The Big O

Titolo: Portrait Of The Big O
Tecnica: Inchiostro su carta
Dimensioni: 22x30 cm


Artist: Oculus




    My name Is Oculus. Before I begin the story of how I ended up in this place, you should know that I am stuck here and are desperate to find my wat home. Where I am from there is no violence, it’s very far away, so you most likely never heard of it. I would love to go back, but with this place the way it is, seems as though I never will. I produce work for my people back home, I hope to show them what this place is like... really. A series of rules allow my eyes to work, you see I have decided to become an artist, don’t ask me why. With all this violence going on, sometimes my eyes don’t work. I developed a set of rules that force them to. Sometimes I make movie marquis, I hope these movies are good. At times I build structures, I think to hide in. The relationship I have with these rules help the work navigate through all this information here. The rules are hard to break and not using them could spell disaster for us all.



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