Pondering Acrylic 96.52cmx60.96cm Framed Signed COA


Artist: Magda Popovici



    Pondering Acrylic 96.52cmx60.96cm Framed Signed COA



    Magda Popovici


    My work is usually celebratory and often times meant to convey love, serenity, peace, passion: there is where my inspiration coming from. My art/photography is a synthesis of my personal feelings: simplicity is my ultimate goal. As I unleash my emotions, through the tip of my brush, meant to capture exquisite moments, and invitation to viewers to move into a space of speculations, poetic, and beauty. My artwork/photography has been always the guiding light in my life, even thou I had a "day job" (as I was a single parent). Economist by training, studied also painting, sculpture, line drawing, history and perspective drawing, and in the process of acquiring Master Artist International.
    My artwork has been recognized nationally and international, and brought me to the places closer to my heart. I've been raising funds for the unprivileged children education, cancer children research, Boys and Girls Club, No Kid Hungry, homelessness (partner since 1988), Water 4 Foundation, St. Jude Foundation, UNICEF, No kid left behinde, Make a wish Foundation, Feed the children, M S Foundation and many more. While working at Universal Studios, I've been privileged to be a part of the Board of Directors (charity financial reporting). As a art maker I would like to inspire, to create a dialog and nurture human spirit, and ultimately to make a lasting contribution to the art society, and communities all over the world.



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