PLAYFUL: Acrylic mixed media on canvas, 70x50cm, 2016


Artist: Levi Gabos


    Levi Gabos


    I was born in Transylvania.
    For the last 30 years I have lived in Eslöv, Sweden. I have always loved art and creating new things. I started making music when I was 17 and played in a rock band later. As in music, one usually expresses one's emotions now, it is the painting that is my tool to give life to my thoughts, emotions. I started painting 4 years ago. I had a need to express my feelings. I use acrylic and mixed media with metal elements on canvas. I have tested different techniques and different genres in painting. I usually paint instinctively and spontaneously, but always create a picture in my head. I am autodidact. Among other things, I am also inspired by other artists. The painting is pure therapy for me and gives me a freedom that is difficult to find everyday life. If you want to buy a piece of art from me, I can send a video about the painting before. If you live in Skåne, you are always welcome to my home and look at my paintings.



    Luxemburg ART3F
    Luxexpo-The Box
    18-20 september 2020

    Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid
    2021 0105-0201

    Paris ART3F
    2021 0618-0620

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