Plastic Princess

Plastic Princess

title: Plastic Princess

year of execution: 2020

size: 60x80 cm

technical data: plastic, fresh water pearls and acrylic on canvas


 Analysis of the work

The entire artwork is crafted with plastic wrap which reflects light and thus radiates the magnificent atmosphere of the depicted scene. Conversely, plastic is also a symbol for the artificial. It suggests a fabricated world that does not really exist. The picture represents a fantasy many girls and woman have: to be a princess. On closer inspection of the woman’s posture, one suspects that she attempts to aggrandize herself. In terms of body language, the fact that she rests her hands on her hips betrays that she is someone who wants to emanate dominance but is in fact insecure. What is more, she is turning to the side, as if looking at something she is waiting for. Apart from herself, the room is devoid of life and even objects, except for the chandelier. This inanimate object can serve as spotlight for the woman and even greater focus on her presence in the room. However, it is coolly and indifferently suspended from the ceiling and no substitute for human interaction, resonance, or emotional warmth. Plus, what good are pearls in paradise, if paradise is this desolate? Underneath the surface of this glamorous scene, lurk painful isolation, distance and unfulfilled craving.


Artist: Lena Snow



    title: Plastic Princess

    year of execution: 2020

    size: 60x80 cm

    technical data: plastic, fresh water pearls and acrylic on canvas



    Lena Snow


    Early years: Keen interest in art and drawing during elementary school: fan of Manga drawings (reproduction of comics)

    Age 13 to 16: Creation of my “flower collection” • Creation of my “bloody art” series

    2006 : Exhibition together with the artist group of Kaufbeuren in Kaufbeuren, Germany

    Creation of my “erotic art” series

    Creation of several abstract paintings – starting my abstract series

    07/2008: State Approved Foreing Language Correspondant

    09/2008 – 09/2009: Employed as foreign language correspondent and assistant of sales

    09/2009 07/2011: High school graduadion Creation of new abstract art and starting the creation of my plastic series

    09/2011 – 07/2017: empathic art

    University of Mannheim, Germany first state examination

    2014: Soloexhibition at the “Vienna” in Mannheim, Germany

    01/2018 07/2019: second state examination (state approved high school teacher)  

    2019: exhibition in Rastatt, Germany

    09/2019 – today: Art during the Corona Crisis – creation of my goddess series

    2020:  exhibition at the Zurich Art Box Projects, Switzerland



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