Perspective - Series Meditology - b&w photography - 2018


Artist: Beth Parin


    Perspective - Series Meditology - b&w photography - 2018


    Beth Parin


    With their powerfully evocative images, Beth Parin's photographs immerse the viewer into a realm of enigmatic tableaus that straddle the line between the fantastical and the eerily familiar. Tapping into subconscious anxieties and fantasies, Beth offers archetypal scenarios about home, childhood, gender and sexual issues and isolation. Incorporating a collage technique into her work, she pieces together incongruent images to create a mood of fragmentation, as well as the suggestion of disparate stories colliding and conjoining to generate unique narratives. 

    Nature is a major presence in Beth's photos, and she often juxtaposes indoor domestic scenes with untamed nature as a background. But this is nature perceived from an ironic distance, a presence which her subjects are oblivious to or cut off from. The individuals in her photographs are searching hungrily for meaning and appear unaccustomed to the landscapes in which she's placed them. The startling subject matter of her photographs, coupled with the provocative issues that her work addresses, make Beth Parin's photography a unique source of enduring, cutting-edge art.


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