Paul K Veron (Amazilia Photography)

Paul K Veron (Amazilia Photography)

Paul K Veron (Amazilia Photography)


    Paul K Veron (Amazilia Photography)


    Amazilia’s art focuses on the beauty, grace and intrigue of the female nude; a subject which has fascinated artists, and drawn them like moths to the flame, in every creative discipline for millennia. Fine art nudes have also been one of the major artistic subjects for viewers and serious art collectors for centuries.

    Owned and operated by British photographer Paul Veron, it is no coincidence that Amazilia Photography is named after a species of hummingbird native to Peru and Ecuador. The name was chosen because Paul finds hummingbirds to be one of the most beautiful and inspiring natural wonders of the world. Such radiance, strength, independence, fortitude and beauty as possessed by these avian jewels are also seen in women, and it these virtues (amongst others) that Paul is always looking to depict in his work.

    Paul focuses his work in three core areas of people photography – dynamic fine art nude, sensual nudes and nudes in nature. While some of his most well-known works are in the first two genres, his recent projects have focused on nudes in the natural environment, where Paul is always trying to depict a sense of the deep-rooted, intrinsic connection between people and the natural world. This true sense of belonging in, and being an integral part of, nature has always been very important in Paul’s life. This made writing the narrative for his first monograph (Rewilding the Human Spirit) an essential release of a story that had been distilling in his head for decades.

    He is an internationally published photographer with several print publications, who has recently won the Runner- Up Photographer of the Year position with an international magazine, as well as achieving success in several global fine art photographic competitions. He holds Distinctions in both Foundation and Advanced Photography Diplomas.

    He has also exhibited work at juried international group shows in London, UK, Milan, Italy and Seattle, USA, and is currently planning an exhibition of selected works in Lisbon, Portugal.

    With a growing interest in his work from serious art collectors, Amazilia is now producing a restricted range of Limited Edition Signed Prints (all supplied with Certificates of Authenticity), aimed at serious art collectors, as well as continuing to combine his writing and photography skills through a series of monographs.

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