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Patrícia Patylene

Patrícia Patylene


    Patrícia Patylene


    In mid-2019, began my journey through the universe of the painting. The paintings are truly sculptures in the canvas made using techniques that make people that contemplate them feel that are about to initiate an interior journey of intense emotions.

    Art has always been in my blood. Since I was a child I drew and painted comic book characters and, due to life events, I moved away from art, but not totally. I started to work with 3D modeling and animation, and I believe that this contributed to the type of painting I do today.

    My paintings are dense and have a lot of textures, they are practically sculptures and probably I allied my passion for the painting with my passion for the 3D modeling. The depth effect made us “enter” into the painting and go to the other universes.

    Painting is an incredible experience that makes us discover new paths, feel the world in a different way, and make us realize the endless possibilities that exist for us to have a full life.

    My artworks reflect my feelings because when I am painting always comes feelings of joy and fullness and with that, I know that I am doing what I was born to do and at the same time to transmit emotion to the people.

    I like to use different materials to bring depth, density to may work. Each work has a title that is matching with the feeling and meaning of which work.

    I discover the textures by chance in a work realized with homemade modeling paste and when the work dried it had cracks. At first I was disappointed, but later looking at the painting I realized that I could use the cracks to give effect in my painting.

    Of this fact, was born a passion for the textures, mainly the works that have cracks. The cracks form amazing gaps and I can create many effects working with many colors, sometimes with unusual mix of colors, overlays, using other materials to create shapes, shadows that, in the end resulting in incredible artworks.

    I use different materials to compose the textures of the artworks as sand, marble powder, coffee powder, sawdust, mud, bandage, ashes, etc. and I always searching for new materials to represent different and unusual forms.

    The inspiration to my artworks are day-to-day elements and that go unnoticed or are considered ugly and ruined for most of the people as holes in the street, cracked and peeling walls, limbo, mud, rust, and elements of nature as rocks, vegetation, sea, etc. 


    There are lots of ways to express art, with music, painting, sculpture, dancing, theater, and etc. Nature itself is the most perfect art that exists. The sound of the birds singing, the sound of the sea, the wind blowing, we reproduce with the music; a variety of incredible colors, thousands of shades, light, shadows, we reproduce in the painting; the movement of the seawater, of the leaves of the trees, we reproduce with the dancing. All of these forms of art are interpretations of nature, we put our feeling and try to transmit our vision of beauty, strangeness, of the scary, ugly, supernatural, and mystery. Sometimes all together, in a mix of feeling, that seems we go through a whirlwind of emotions for, in the end, feel the peace.


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