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Patricia Heuker of Hoek - Worldoftries

Patricia Heuker of Hoek - Worldoftries


    Patricia Heuker of Hoek - Worldoftries


    My name is Patricia Heuker of Hoek, I am 48 years old and I live in a rural part of the Netherlands, with my husband and 2 children.

    8 months ago I started a 3-year course in Photographic Design at the University of applied photography in Apeldoorn. I have a Master’s degree in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam and after years of working in internet communication, I recently found my passion in autonomous photography / art photography.

    I signed up for photography classes to learn the technical part of photography. Now, after a few months I learned, that the technique is not what attracts me, it is the endless possibilities to create something!


    Other Exhibitions 2019:

    • Galerie Gaius, De Bilt, The Netherlands
    • MvVO Art show NYC, USA
    • Tokyo International Art Fair, Japan
    • Amsterdam International Art Fai, The Netherlands
    • Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize Matera, Italy


    As an artist, I create images that speak about the fragility of life, of us. My subjects seem easily damaged, broken or harmed, but they have a lot of strength within them.
    Part of the creating process, is watching my teenage daughters grow up, to become strong self-respecting girls, in a harsh opinionated world.


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