Title: Patch




Oh these colors!

Eye catcher!




Digital graphic


Artist: Sonnhild Kost


    Sonnhild Kost


    The name of this artist is Mrs. Sonnhild Kost, from Germany.

    Born in 1961 in the mountain town of Freiberg / Saxony. Learned the dream job of construction Draftswoman and practiced her whole life.


    In 2013 she began her autoditactic, artistic career with abstract acrylic painting.


    She dives into the depths of her soul and creates colors and shapes.

    She feels free at work. "It 's impossible, it' s not possible."

    She describes art with the words: "Art knows no borders"

    She likes to be open to new ideas and experiments. This is how new connections are always created.


    She writes poems and texts.

    In 2020 she specialized in digital graphics.


    On her homepage you can see that she has had many exhibitions.

    E.g. in Milan at M.A.D.S, Luxembourg,, and many more.


    Her previous awards:

    - Finalist Certifikate, artavita, 2020

    - Circle Foundation Exellence Award 2020, Magazin Contest, Art IDEAL

    - Circle Foundation Certificate of Excellence, 2020, Themed Contest: Art in the time of Coronavirus & Distancing



    Participation Diploma:

    • Luxembourg Art Prize 2020
    • M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY     DREAM ROOM, 2020 and DRESSME, 2020

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