Parisa Keramati

Parisa Keramati

Parisa Keramati


    Parisa Keramati


    My name is Parisa Keramati. I am a Persian artist and I live in Dubai.  I have graduated in Masters of soil science, and in Iran I used to teach at the university for 4 years in agricultural and natural resources engineering

    I started painting quiet early at 11 as a self-instructed artist with the help of self-training books.

    After that, when I started studying at the university , I went to a couple of Galleries and I experienced with some great artists in Iran and started painting more professional.


    My greatest incentives are Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gogh. And most of my works are inspired from Van Gogh for whom colours were the chief symbols of post-impressionism and expressionism. The striking colours, emphatic brush work and contoured influenced my vision and art . I love to use shiny and bright colours with clear and strong movement of brush on the canvas, similar to impressions and expressions . 


    Among all the artworks of mine like photography, leather-craft, mosaic wood art, charcoal drawing, oil painting and acrylic painting, I held interest in the last one.

    Recently,  after being a mother with a huge responsibility, I decided to challenge myself with a different painting.

    I started painting some portrait of women, each one with a story behind that. I try to depict the beautiful senses into the language of shapes, lines, tones and textures.


    My greatest passion in life is painting and I believed that art has a magical power and with the combination of colours, we could create happiness, hope and peace in the world.



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