Paradise III

Paradise III

Title: Paradise III

Year: 2021

Fine Art Photography

Size: 4000 x 6000 px

Nature is the real artist which overwhelms us with its beauty. The photograph is taken at my home lake combining 3 small worlds like shore, lake and island into a surreal and mystic paradise. An explosion of textures, colours and composition turnes the flat image into a vivid Garden of Eden.


Artist: Birgit Roschach


    Birgit Roschach


    Artist Info

    Birgit Roschach is a photo artist born and based in South-Germany. She has lived in the Caribbeans and many years in Brazil where she found her passion and studied analog photography at the Artschool EPA in Sāo Paulo. For over 10 years now she works in traditional modes of photography. She is a nature and water enthusiast living in Bavaria at a big lake where she finds endless inspiration for her art photography.


    Artist statement

    Through the urge of expressing myself in my photographs I felt the magic memories from my childhood deeply anchored within my soul. Summer vacations with long drives through unknown landscapes, in eager expectation of the coming holiday adventures, sea breeze in my hair, the smell of pine trees, the play with local kids hiding in magic places, the innocence with big dreams for the future. I am transferring these memories into my art photography with the unconscious desire to save them into my adult life. I love to create mystic, fairytale small worlds which loose their property of a flat image in becoming a landscape with vivid texture, becoming paradise.

    My wish is to transfer the observer into the place and let her/him experience his/her magic moments of childhood.


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