Size: 40X30 cm

TECHNIQUE : acrylic and oil


Artist: Anna Romero


    Anna Romero



    I was born on the shore of the sea. My first idea of movement and dance has surely come from the rhythm of the waves.... ( Isadora Duncan)

    Artist by birth, in 1987 I hung the Economic Sciences to dedicate myself to Design Fashion in Arts and Fashion Techniques (EATM) in Barcelona (1987-1990) and be able to study in addition,

    - an Intensive Design Stage at Istituto Marangoni in Milan (1988),
    - Sitges International Theatre Stage with Enzo Frigerio and Peter Pabst (Pina Bausch) July 1991
    - or Collaborations with the set designer Ramón B.Ivars in Breda, Holland -1990, between others.

    Later on, I studied Scenography Design and Costumes for the Show, where I studied a year of specialization in Ecole Superieur des Arts et Techniques de la Mode ( ESMOD) in Paris-1992 - 93. After 26 years of lethargy, although always linked to fashion and dance, my two passions together with my two children and my husband, encouraged me in March 2019 to resume pencils and brushes. When I paint, everything that’s deeper in me comes out, it’s like my brush is that of that great piece of music, and that’s when I can be myself, reflecting the hidden language of my soul. I love painting without classicisms, from a Degas to a Barceló. Every painting has its own time of day to be admired. Currently I have resumed classes of painting with the painter Gina Pórtera to which I am deeply grateful, as well as to mention my great drawing teacher Lluís Trepat i Padró or the love infused with color by my dear Paula Leiva.



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