Our Mother is Dying

Our Mother is Dying

Our Mother is Dying

Size: 30" x 22"

Year: 2020

Technique: Mixed media acrylics, watercolors, heavy duty molding paste, plastics,     mask, and other elements


Artist: Tricia Sunray Healy


    Tricia Sunray Healy


    Tricia Sunray Healy is a self taught artist born and living in New York. Upon presenting her portfolio to the Art Students League was honored to receive two scholarships to this esteemed school. A long hiatus occurred due to work and being primary care taker to family members. Taking brush to paper once again found that the ability to create had been growing and maturing within her after a long gestation period with images emerging once again.


    Her works are acts of transformation it is a trance like state once beginning and at times journeying through a dark abyss into the light creating an emotional and visceral experience through a vibrant color palette. She often feels fragmented with her soul wandering searching for a place of peace and this is where she finds it.

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