Origin @ The Flow Of Universal Clouds Y

Origin @ The Flow Of Universal Clouds Y

Karl Weiming Lu, Origin @ The Flow Of Universal Clouds Y (Origin Series 2010 - 2018), mixed media, 60x45cm, 2018


Artist: Karl Weiming Lu


    Origin @ The Flow Of Universal Clouds Y (Origin Series 2010 - 2018), mixed media, 60x45cm, 2018


    Karl Weiming Lu


    Karl Weiming Lu is regarded as a true global Renaissance man of our time, his life and art span from East to West. He was born in 1962, into a big intellectual and art family for generations in Hangzhou, China. He was a pioneer of Chinese Elite Students Movement of early 1980s, and a civil engineer and building designer in 1980s China. Besides, Lu also worked for The New Art magazine of China Academy of Art in mid 1980s, and participated the significant “85 New Wave Art Movement”.

    In 1991, Karl W. Lu relocated to Australia to have his postgraduate studies in philosophy and international studies in The University of Wollongong and University of Sydney respectively; and further achieved triple Masters degrees in Art, Design, and Architecture in The University of New South Wales Australia. He has returned to art practice professionally since 2000 and exhibited & published globally in Australia, China, Japan, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Ukraine, East Europe, Middle East, and Singapore, etc. 

    Trained in both Eastern & Western culture and art traditions, Lu always combine the two to create unique hybrid contemporary artworks with his own character, originality, and signature. Lu created his “Memory Series 2002 – 03”, which positively [in terms of positivism] recalled early 1980’s elite Chinese students’ movement based on his memory of a multi-disciplines’ student salon activities, in the world culture heritage city Hangzhou, China, where Lu and his friends of China Academy of Art, and Zhejiang University, etc.  pondered arts, science, philosophy, psychology, art, architecture, and political economics. Thus, Lu always said that “All my interests in science, philosophy and art come together into my artworks!”. His painting “Memory @ Talking about Dreams” of the Memory Series originated his distinctive “Dripping Fluid Style” in 2003 and exhibited and published in 2003 and 2004 by College of Fine Arts, UNSW Australia, since then, which has been further developed by Karl Lu into his on-going Abstract “Dripping Fluid Series” which also led a wave global hot pop art phenomenon of various “dripping flow art” over the past decade. Following the positive “Memory Series”, Lu manifestoed the “Contemporary Art Positivism” in 2008 and created the on-going historical “Positive Dialectic Global Life Series 2008 – xx” with an innovative style of Digital Graphic Design Paintings painted with graphic design thinking and effects to positively address Karl W. Lu himself as a Master of Art and a Master of Design as well. Since 2010, Lu has created his unique Chinese Ink-brush Abstract works of the “Origin Series 2010 - xx” to express his philosophical, scientific, and artistic intuition about the origin of universe, life, and art. Since 2012, Lu has also become a leading art critic with his Annual Manifesto Series on Contemporary Chinese Art published with top art web media in China.      Karl W. Lu is a Premium Plus Member of National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA), Australia, and a Member of Asian Australian Artists Association.


    For more info, Kwluart.com

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