Only you

Only you

Only you - Digital art/mixed technic


Artist: Liat Lombrozo


    Only you - Digital art/mixed technic


    Liat Lombrozo


    Liat Mia lombrozo is a well respected artphotographer & artist from Tel Aviv 
    She is a freelancer photographer that works with several art&fashion magazines in Tel Aviv 
    Her work always has a statement 
    And a state of mind is clearly shown in her portraits.
    She had several exhibition around the world 
    And did some documentary projects whom were very talkeble 
    On one of her documentary she got a special award from the president of Israel
    Her main techniques are photography, digital art and video art by cinemagraphs
    She is although a journalist 
    44 years old 
    A mother 
    She breaths and lives photography


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